About Us

The church of Christ at Streetsboro began meeting in a white house in 1967 with Edward Wolski serving as the evangelist. The church made an addition to the building in 1970 with another renovation to the present building in 1988. The church also purchased both the corner and adjacent properties so ownership includes the entire route 43 and Russell Drive corner. A house was converted into a food pantry which provides service to those in need every first and third Saturday of the month.

Steady growth from about 40 in attendance to the current average of about 120 have prompted plans to move to a new site within the Streetsboro city limits near the Kent border. The facilities will include a larger building, outdoor shelter, and food pantry. The property has been purchased and ground breaking for a new building will commence once the current property is sold.

We welcome you to our services as our special guest. There is absolutely no financial cost to you and if you have questions about why we do certain things, please ask. You will know it is the right answer if it is from the word of God.